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Oct 30, 2013 2:00pm EDT
by chairman darryl issa, y friend from california, to secretary kathleen sebelius at the u.s. department of health nd human services this week. first paragraph, after saying, dear madam secretary, he says, the committee on oversight and government reform is investigating the insurance exchange application online at established by the department of health and human services as part of this investigation. we're writing to request information related to voter registration data collected during the application process. on further down, the letter says, while h.h.s. and its contractors continue to struggle with the task of processing applications for health insurance coverage, the agency uses the website to collect voter registration information. once an applicant completes the online application for health care coverage, a dialogue box appears asking, would you like to register to vote? in light of the national voter registration act of 1993, also known as the motor voter act, which requires any agency that provides public assistance to provide individuals with an opportunity
Oct 28, 2013 2:00pm EDT
, kathleen sebelius appear before committee about problems on the website. 9:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday. this morning we spoke about several congressional reporters, and this is just over 40 minutes. host: a lot of activity going on, and to reporters with us -- reporters with us. by a staff writer for the publication "cq roll call." let's start with some of the high points. what are we expecting this week? will: one of the things we see this week that we have not seen enough, two conference meeting, a jointt house-senate conference committee to try to hammer out a heel on how much money will be spent going forward. we will also see a farm bill conference kick off, and as a part of that, another attempt for negotiators to get a deal done between the two chambers on farm programs and food stamps and how they will work going forward. it is been a long time since we saw the conference process or in both of these conferences. they have been blocked from happening over the last several months. we will see how that goes. that is one of the big items. host: this will be a chance to hash out sid
Oct 30, 2013 11:00am EDT
. chairman, for holding the hearing. thank you secretary sebelius, for being with us. last week when the contractors were here, i asked them under oath if they had actually delivered the system they were contracted to build. all four answered yes. i want to ask you, did the contractors deliver the system that you contracted them to build? >> i don't think i can accurately answer that question. what we know we have a system that doesn't function properly. >> definitely know that. >> as we fix things we'll know more about what is broken along the way and i'll be able -- >> someone in your office -- somebody in your office oversaw the implementation and received the product. they either said this is the product we contracted and paid hundreds of millions of dollars to build or wasn't. does somebody in your office -- >> i think we can say that the products tested individually, verified individually -- >> clearly it was an integrated system. i used to write programs for a living. i developed software products for laving. if you're developing an integrated system, it's irrelevant if one is
Nov 1, 2013 10:00am EDT
he took seriously ever. >>te secretary, secretary -- separately, secretary sebelius said she did not rely on this data, but we have since learned that only six people signed up on the first day -- >> for my republican committee is that there are notes out there from a contractor that make estimates about figures related to enrollees in the early process. what is important to know is that the website was not functioning very well on october 1 or october 2. in fact, it had not been functioning well in the first month since the launch. that is what the president is focused on. making sure that everything is done to bring the website up to the standards he has for it. the implication from this disclosure is that the website was not working effectively october 1, i think that is a dog bites man story. we know that. compiledwe have fully data about enrollment in the middle of this month for october, we will release a, which is what we said prior to launch. but it is also instructive to remember that setting aside any problems with the website, we knew and told you in advance that there
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4